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Chef Gregory Owens (aka Chef Boss) has been playing in the kitchen for almost 25 years. Starting at a college pizza joint as a way to make money, while pursuing his undergraduate degree, he “got stuck” in the restaurant biz and never left. After obtaining his B. A in English Literature from Truman State University, he got married, moved to Florida, and began classes at the Florida Culinary Institute, West Palm Beach. While learning classic French cooking techniques, he worked as a private chef for a homeopathic chiropractor who heavily practiced a “food as medicine” approach. This combination of formal learning and practical application helped Chef Owens form the approach to food he has carried with him throughout his career. “Holistic Conscious Cooking” is how he describes his culinary style; respecting food for its intrinsic nutritional and flavor profiles. “Choose the right ingredients and don’t mess them up!” is how he sums up his approach. With experience in fine dining, high volume, catering, and fast-casual, Chef Owens continues to develop his philosophy. His most recent concept, Sym•Bowl, is an expression of his desire for food to be approachable, healthy, and flavorful for everyone.

Becky Schoenig is a Spiritual Advisor with over 15 years as a business and life coach. Combined with over 20 years in sales management and training, Becky is a true connector. Becky wanted to create a restaurant as a way of bringing together friends, family, community, and business. Becky applies her unique personality and skill set to help individuals and groups discover their passion and gifts. She enables them to succeed in reaching their personal and professional goals. By helping develop the Sym•Bowl concept, she is bringing this philosophy to fruition in a restaurant environment. Becky believes that work should never feel like work. The disco ball above the counter reminds customers and employees that life can be a party and we are all here to have fun!

  • Incredible taste and incredibly healthy! First time there yesterday, and I think we are going back again today, as there are so many great choices to try. We're so lucky they are only 15 minutes away.
    Dan Tegel
  • You can't get anything like this anywhere! The atmosphere, the food, the cucumber lemonade.... Omg!!! Definitely healthy eating done right. I ate sweet potatoes for the first time ever (picky eater) and I'm glad it was here because...I probably would have never tried it otherwise.  
    Ashley Lofton
  • This is a great place . First timer, good food and service  
    Carlos Anos Valenzuela
  • I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this restaurant nearby!!!! To be able to eat out and get healthy food that fits my gluten free anti-inflammatory diet is simply amazing. And it all tastes so good! I just love that I get to customize what I have each time I visit so the menu options are broad. I fell in love with the cucumber lemonade too--all natural and sweetened perfectly with agave….mixed with a bit of black tea was divine. Cary was friendly and helpful too and the environment conveys your concern for and love of your customers. We will be eating there frequently!  
    Caryn Staebler


137 Chesterfield Town Center
Chesterfield, MO 63005