Grain Free Dinner: Healthy Chickpea Pasta With Beet Sauce


from longtime customer and healthy food recipe extraordinaire, Kate aka The Bejuled Life

Guys, here is one of my EASY hacks for Healthy Grain Free Dinner Ideas for Kids, and Picky Husbands! You can order beet sauce here BUT if you live near Symbowl, I HIGHLY suggest running in and grabbing a jar of their fresh batches, it's so delicious and it's the one I use at my house.

So why beets? This potent and beautiful superfood has tons of health benefits for your family!   Beets are high in so many vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, Vitamin B folate, potassium, and vitamin A. They can help increase iron in your body naturally when combined with carrots and that's exactly what transpires in this recipe. I can't say enough about getting clean nutrients into your kids. You will be shocked at how much easier they are able to fight infections off when you up their nutrient intake and lessen their sugar intake. Hiding them in a pasta sauce is the ultimate life hack.

Here's my trick to disguising the strong beet taste that can be a turn off to most tiny palettes.....

SImmer it with a seasoned sausage ahead of time. I absolutely love the organic chicken sausage from Trader Joe's. It is free-range and doesn't contain any antibiotics. I feel confident giving it to my kids. If you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, I would also suggest Apple Gate products and The Never Any Brand from Aldi.  

Chop and brown sausage in a pan in olive oil
Add beet pasta sauce and let simmer for 10 min
Pour over chick pea noodles and serve

In 10 minutes you have an exceptionally healthy meal full of protein and polyphenols. My kids gobble this down every week and my husband was shocked to learn it was beets and not tomatoes. 

If you haven't tried Chick Pea Noodles from BANZA you can order those here. What are you waiting for? These noodles taste just like regular noodles but pack twice the amount of protein and are completely grain-free which means they are also gluten-free and won't cause any inflammation in those tiny tummies. 

I've said this a million times, but I don't deprive my kids of all grain and treats, I just do my best to swap where I can.

Hope you enjoy this healthy chickpea pasta recipe for kids with beet sauce. Let's pack our families with nutrients in a way easier way!!! Healthy food for kids should not be complicated.

This does contain affiliate links! If you don't shop online you can find all of these noodles at Fresh Thyme. Let me know if you try this healthy chickpea pasta recipe and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more healthy dinner recipes for kids and grain free dinner ideas!

Let's get some superfood recipes into our kids and grow some healthy people! More grain-free dinner ideas to come. 

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