A Chef and A Chocolatier


Put a Chef and a Chocolatier on a podcast together and listen in on the conversations that take place on this week’s episode of Find Your Inner Flavor!


Conner with VB Chocolates out of Cottleville, MO sat down with us and we talked about what your real passion is when building a business: you soon find yourself having to adapt along the way to make sure you stay in business.

This is a very real part of the process...


Conner brought us in some of his cold brewed coffee. This was a special treat for us, since we use to serve it at SymBowl prior to expanding.  Greg and I share a love for the stuff, and our hope is, that with the help of Conner, we can eventually bring cold brew back on tap at all SymBowl locations.  

And let me tell you, it had me super charged for the rest of the day!


We love collaboration, and having inspiring conversations with like-minded people doing unique foodie things, creating businesses around it.  

It’s not always easy, and sometimes you have to do some of the things you don’t like in order to do the parts that you love... Both Greg and Conner talk about this more in this episode.

And, as you will hear,  we talk about vegan ice cream too!

What are the challenges in creating foods like this when it comes to using clean ingredients and making sure it has the right texture and flavor?

Curious? Listen in!

Find Your Inner Flavor podcast is created by Becky Schoenig and Gregory Owens, the partners and co-owners of SymBowl. Located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St.Charles Missouri, SymBowl is a Healthy Lifestyle Eatery.  Chef Greg's 25 years in the culinary industry (as a educator and as a Executive Chef), and Becky's 20 years of study metaphysics, as a spiritual intuitive and life coach, often leads to some interesting conversations. Join them as they explore current topics and introduce some of the amazing people they have met in the course of their business.  They hope you find the pod cast inspiring, educational, and sometimes maybe a little controversial. 


Find your Inner Flavor should open your hearts and your mind to tasting the flavor of life.