Bootch B**ch


One of my favorite things about owning SymBowl are the people I get to meet. Not just the customers, but the vendors we work with as well.

Some have become good friends, like Andria with Komblu.  I will never forget our first conversation together. When she dropped off samples, I told her, “I'm not really a kombucha kind of girl, but I’ll try it anyway.”  To my surprise I liked it, and so did everyone else!!! Not only is Komblu certified organic, but it's also brewed right here in Fenton, MO.  We were happy to be one of her very first locations to retail it, pushing her into social media and making sure she was getting seen. Today you can find Komblu at the following locations:

Kirkwood Farmers Market SymBowl in Kirkwood, Chesterfield and St.Charles Local Chef Kitchen Farm to you Market Good 4 U Nutrition Palm Health Local Harvest Grocery Optima Nutrition VB Chocolate Bar Rooster's Health Food Store in Columbia MO Molldeli's Cafe Milano in St.Louis

For up to date locations and flavors, and to find out more about Komblu, follow them on FB, and Instagram

We always have fun when we get to sit down and talk shop with Andria, so when we had the pleasure of interviewing her on the Find Your Inner Flavor podcast we learned a lot more than we had ever known before! Did you know that tea leaves growing in some areas will contain the heavy metals and other pollutants the plants pick up from the air? Where your tea comes from matters! Your tea can be organically grown, however, if they don't grade the air quality, (and air pollution is a big deal in China,) you will still find traces of these things in your drinking tea.

Komblu sources their tea from the only pollution-free zone in China, high in a mountain range. The leaves are tested for heavy metals before they are ever brewed. Just the way Andria talks about her SCOBYs makes you realize how much love is put into her product. We hope that this interview inspires you to taste the life of Komblu and teaches you something new about Kombucha, tea, essential oils, and the health benefits of probiotics!

The Find Your Inner Flavor podcast is created by Becky Schoenig and Gregory Owens, partners and owners of a healthy lifestyle-focused restaurant called SymBowl located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St.Charles, MO.  Combining Greg's 25 years in the culinary industry, both in education and as a Executive Chef, and Becky's 20 years in studying metaphysics and working as a spiritual intuitive and life coach leads to some interesting conversations.

In the 5 years of owning a restaurant together they have met some amazing people and had some interesting conversations in the kitchen, with their employees, and with the customers in the lobby.  Part of Greg and Becky's passion is educating and connecting people.  They hope you find the podcast inspiring, educational, and sometimes maybe a little controversial.

Find Your Inner Flavor should open your heart and your mind to tasting the flavor of life.