Find Your Inner Flavor Episode 3: BALANCE

What happens when two independent business owners fall in love?  

Merging their two families, managing several businesses, and creating space for their relationship with one another takes a serious balancing act!


From running a nightclub to starting a yoga studio and everything in between, listen in as Bobbi and Rusty share their secrets to success with us.


Becky Schoenig is a spiritual intuitive and her partner, Chef Gregory Owens, boasts over 25 years in the culinary industry.  They are the owners of SymBowl, (( check out )) a healthy lifestyle restaurant with a focus on Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan and Auto Immune diets located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St.Charles, Missouri.  This podcast was created to have conversation around the restaurant industry and small business ownership.


In the 5 years of owning a restaurant together they have met some amazing people and had some interesting conversations in the kitchen, with their employees, and with the customers in the lobby.  Part of Greg and Becky's passion is educating and connecting people.

They hope you find the podcast inspiring, educational, and sometimes maybe a little controversial.

Find Your Inner Flavor should open your heart and your mind to tasting the flavor of life.