Find Your Inner Flavor Episode 8: Meet Nathalie of Overlook Farms

Meet Nathalie of Overlook Farms! Located on 327 acres in Clarksville, Missouri, this is where SymBowl sources pork and bacon. You won't find anything like this at most eateries... Nathalie talks to Becky and Greg about the farm, their bed and breakfast, and getting local food to our communities. Schedule a tour and learn more about Overlook Farms here.  


The Find Your Inner Flavor podcast is created by Becky Schoenig and Gregory Owens, partners and owners of a healthy lifestyle-focused restaurant called SymBowl, located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St.Charles, MO. Combining Greg's 25 years in the culinary industry, both in education and as a Executive Chef, and Becky's 20 years in studying metaphysics and working as a spiritual intuitive and life coach leads to some interesting conversations. In the 5 years of owning a restaurant together they have met some amazing people and had some interesting conversations in the kitchen, with their employees, and with the customers in the lobby. Part of Greg and Becky's passion is educating and connecting people.


They hope you find the podcast inspiring, educational, and sometimes maybe a little controversial.