Less Than $15 an Hour


I make less than $15 per hour.  

I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for almost 25 years; my entire adult life.

I have chased jobs for benefits, worked horrible hours, holidays, weekends.

I have worked unpaid overtime and 18 hour shifts.

I never had paid sick days, very rarely a paid day off.

I have worked shorthanded, and many times did the job of multiple people.


I live paycheck to paycheck. My family has frequently struggled with the hours that I have been forced to endure to be in this industry.



Oh, and I own the business.



So, when you call off ten minutes before your shift...I work.


When you quit without notice, I work.

When it’s busy and you need help, I work.

When the power goes out, I wait until it comes back on.

When there’s ice and snow, and the roads are terrible, I come in.

When the oven breaks, I fix it.

When the giant electric bill comes, I pay it.


Here’s what you don't know:


For every dollar you make, the owner of the company pays…


6.2 cents for YOUR Social Security

1.45 cents for YOUR Medicare

11 cents for YOUR Workmen’s Compensation


That is 18.65 cents per DOLLAR…


Your $15.00 an hour now costs the employer $2.80 an hour.


That’s almost $6,000 a year!!! Over and above your salary!!!!


In addition to that, the owner will pay up to $840 per year for YOUR State and Federal Unemployment.


Any and all benefits.

Any and all sick days.

Any and all bonuses.

Any and all food you consume.

Any smoke breaks.

All your mistakes.

All the broken dishes.



You don't pay any of this…it comes out of the business.


YES you are an important part of the business. You deserve to be respected for your time and your effort.  We all do.



However, what did you do today?


Did you put your phone away?

Did you stay off Facebook and Twitter?

Did you look for something extra to do when it was slow?

Did you help out another employee even though it is not your “job”?

Did you show up five minutes early, ready to start working on time?

Did you go above and beyond to help the business and customers?


Ask yourself these questions, and think about the bigger picture.


Will it change how you think about your work?


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