Chef Robert and Chef Gregory Go Way Back...

Chef Robert and Chef Gregory go way back. Rob and Greg met when Greg went to work as the Executive Chef at Winghaven Country Club.  Robert was a young 17 year old and Greg, well, we won't talk about his age. Needless to say, Greg became a mentor to Rob when he started showing a desire to make the culinary industry a real career.

Robert decided to leave the Missouri area he grew up in to attend the School in South Carolina. He then went to work and The Red Drum He even moved to Chicago to work fine dining at Spiaggia coming back to St. Louis and getting hired on at the Pi company as their Executive Chef at Gringo in the CWE.

When Greg and I saw expansion in the works we quickly approached Rob to join our team.

He is a man of few words, and often times I feel like he is a mini Greg but has more of a baby face.

One of my favorite stories about Rob was when he saw how much money we were spending on bendy straws and he wanted to switch things up to save on a few pennies.  He would soon learn that penny savings didn't mean as much to us as how many customers loved those bendy straws.  We are out to break Rob of some of his corporate upbringings but he is good for us when it comes to growth.

When I asked Rob a few questions this is what he said.......

If you had a tinder account what would it say? SUP GURRRL?

What would your dream job be?  A porn star. But not like the sleazy ones, a classy one, and I don't do all that weird stuff that Greg is into.

Words of wisdom to someone wanting to go into the industry? Don't do it!!!

If you had an endearing message to give Greg for helping push you into the industry what would it be? Thanks for the push..... at the time he was the only one in my life that had confidence in me, and he pushed me to do better. That helped me to grow up and inspire me to do more.

What Rob might not know is that at the time, he wanted Rob to move forward into his dreams so much that he went home to have a conversation with his wife as to how they could help him. Clearly, it's fate that the two of them have been brought together.

Rob and Greg make a great team!!!  This industry can break a lot of hearts, create a lot of negativity and eat at the soul. But when you find the right people to work with and play with, you learn why food and the industry is a part of your heart and a true passion.