St. Louis Start-Up Invents New Flour to Make Baked Goods Healthier

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –On this weekend’s episode of Nothing Impossible, our weekly show about local innovation, Michael Calhoun and Travis Sheridan profiled a local start-up that’s making brownies and muffins better for you. “Our larger goal is to change the food supply so that people can have healthier things that they love to eat,” Caryn Staebler of Think Eat Live said.

Her agriculture start-up has done that by inventing a new way to turn sunflower seeds into flour with a consistency that’s good for baked goods. Stabler says they’re the only ones who know how to do it without turning it all into sunflower seed butter.

“We invented a new flour made from sunflower seeds,” she said. “Talk about things that are impossible — we made the impossible possible by creating a flour in baked goods that are healthy for you. High protein, low carb.”

They’re making brownies, power bars, even pizza crusts, for sale at many local grocery stores.

Staebler is from Boston. Her start-up is part of the latest class of The Yield Lab, which brings agriculture technology companies to St. Louis in exchange for investment and mentorship.

Check out the Nothing Impossible podcast to hear more.

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