The Sustainable Food Movement


Inspiration usually hits me after a good documentary or conversation, and when it does I take full advantage of it, even at 4:30 in the morning.

I encourage you to take a moment and watch the film Sustainable Food. The greatest thing you’ll learn is that the entire movement is more about the relationships you make when you, (or the places where you tend to eat) choose to deal with your local farmer. And while focusing on sustainability doesn’t look like the economic thing to do right now, it is the right thing to do for future generations.

The restaurant industry isn't as easy and fun as it might look to the outside world, especially when you are on the forefront of doing it sustainably.

SymBowl is one of many restaurants in St.Louis taking up the role of empowering the local sustainable food system.

What is local? We define local as being sourced within 100 miles, or a day’s drive. Living in the midwest, it isn't always easy to obtain local produce. However, what we are learning is that the more we can commit to the local farmer, the more risk they are willing to take. Something like building more green houses allows for greater long-term growth.

Sustainability is often not the most economical route to take either. For example, we buy our chicken from Matt at Buttonwood Farms in California, MO. His chickens are clucking on Thursday and delivered fresh and ready to cook on Tuesday. Our cost on one pound of chicken breast is right around $5. It's the most expensive protein on our menu, and it's the most popular at $12.95 a bowl. This price is more than most of us would even spend at the grocery store, yet you wouldn't think twice about spending $20 at a fine dining restaurant. We pay extra to compost our food waste, and we try our best to not pass many of these expenses over to the end consumer.

Matt and his family are an extension of the SymBowl family. And when we tried switching from him for a very short time, nothing felt right. We choose to be an integrity driven business. So between our relationship with Matt, and the fact that his chickens are the best tasting chickens around, we weren’t gone for long.

So the next time you decide to eat out, play a contributing role in the sustainable food movement and eat at a restaurant that supports the local farmer!

Empower the sustainable food system by choosing SymBowl and other restaurants that choose to be an active participant in the change and growth of how we get what we eat.

Man can survive with any kind of food, however, the quality of the food we eat will determine our quality of life.