That Fear-Driven Business


That fear- driven business…  

We all know what that feeling is, the one that wakes you up in the middle of the night that takes over your body, your mind forever chasing every thought.  No matter if the thought is wrapped around the last negative Yelp review, the employee that keeps showing up late, or the lack of money in your account. You’re questioning every decision that you make as to if it’s the right one or not.  If you are a business owner at any stage you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Your fear is felt …


This energy is felt from your employee to the customer that walks in the door, and it is the biggest block you can create in the growth of your business.  The feelings and thoughts are real, however, they should not be what make your decisions.  Don’t cut your costs, don’t cut hours and whatever you do, make sure you pay your bills.  I’ve had some great experiences at new restaurants the first time I go in; the energy is high, people are happy, and the food is tasty and good.  And then I go back several months or a year later, and the quality is gone, you can feel and taste it. The love and quality that was once in the product is missing.  Don’t allow the fear to run your business: it’s only hurting it. Stay in the integrity of your mission and vision.


Trust me I know…


When my partner and I opened up our small restaurant almost 5 years ago we were challenged with many fears, and our decision-making came from the integrity we were putting into it.  Instead of lowering the cost we increased the cost and quality of our products.  We went from paying $1.70 per pound in tofu to $2.70 to make sure we were using the best local product possible:  We tried at one point to lower our cost in chicken; we were paying $5 per pound, so we went to using a little less local and not as farm-free of a chicken and paid $2.75 instead.  This lasted about a week when we realized it just was not the same. Plus we love Matt and his family at  In business you also have to think outside of the box and get creative at times. We figured out a way of cutting our cost with the chicken by purchasing the whole bird and not wasting any part. In the end we lowered our cost, kept a farm family happy, and are serving the best product to our customers.


Take a risk …


Do something different, make a change, scream at the negative thoughts and tell them to shut the F*** up.  And if your heart and intention is in the right place, you are in a safe place so create that business from a place of LOVE not FEAR and you will survive.  It’s not always easy but it can be fun when you get creative and be daring enough to live through all those limiting beliefs and the fear of it all.


Sym•Bowl is a healthy restaurant located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St. Charles Missouri that focuses on specialty diets such as gluten free options, anti-inflammatory, vegan, the paleo diet and more. They also offer a healthy catering menu as well as private parties for those who are looking at alternatives to the normal menu. In addition to offering healthy food options, Sym•Bowl also offers whole fruit smoothies and fresh juicing that is made to order.  The customizable menu utilizes healthy recipes, for a fresh, whole food, meal.  If you are looking for a healthy restaurant  for weight loss, healthy eating, or simply looking for a place to bring the family and enjoy a fresh meal together, come by and visit us today! 


Sym·Bowl Kirkwood

11215 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, Missouri 63122

(314) 315-4421

Sym·Bowl Chesterfield

137 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

(636) 778-0638

Sym·Bowl St. Charles

1456 Bass Pro Dr. St. Charles, Missouri 63301

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