The Virtual Nurse and The New Healthcare


On Our Bloody Healthcare Conversation with Britt: I love when I meet people that are doing things outside of the box. And when it comes to the current healthcare system, we have to get creative. Especially when it comes to not just treating a disease or illness, but taking ownership of our own health and well being.

When my son ended up with pink eye Sunday morning, a few easy steps got me a script by the end of the day. He was back to seeing clearly by Monday morning.

How? Three simple steps: fill out the form on and before you pay anything a nurse will let you know if they are able to help you.

At that point, (for a $45 payment made through PayPal) a nurse will ask you a few questions, maybe over Skype or phone before treating your symptoms.  You save money and you save time!!!

Taking blood testing to the next level with Having this done puts you in control of your own health by identifying what your body needs to be able to operate at it's highest potential.

Yes, it's an investment, but well worth it to avoid the high medical costs you might end up with down the road.

We are living in a society where people are becoming more conscious of the choices we make. We invest in organic food, a gym membership, and the Coach purse.

Now it's time to take it to the next level!!!  Dr. Eddie Weller at and Nurse Practitioner Britt Guerrero will get you living your purpose because you’ll have the energy and health you deserve.


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