We Got You Covered at SymBowl Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St. Charles Missouri!


Don't worry, we've got your needs covered when it comes to dietary restrictions and food allergies.

Did you know that at SymBowl we can cover most of your family’s dietary needs?  We are not all experts in this, however, we have created simple ‘cheat menus’ to allow this process to be easy not only for you, but for the staff as well.  Whole 30, Paleo, Shape, AIP, Vegan; just ask to see one of these menus:

Peanut allergies? No need to worry, we don't have any in the shop.

What kind of oil do we use? We use sunflower seed oil in all of our cooking.

Is SymBowl safe to eat at if you are celiac?  We don't use gluten flours in our shop to bake with. We work with ThinkEatLive and use their SunFlour, made from sunflower seeds. We do make Udon, (traditional Asian wheat noodles) but they are cooked in a separate pot, and stored in their own container. We wash everything between cooking.  We have customers with celiac disease visiting us all the time. Just mention it to the staff and they will take extra precaution.

Are you allergic to soy? Just avoid the the Yaki sauce and the Spicy Miso and you are good as gold!

If you question any of our ingredients at all, ask to see our recipe list menu and you can see for yourself every ingredient in each menu item!

In the effort to cater to so many special needs, we try to cover all of our bases the best we possibly can. We don't hold many secrets about our methods, sourcing, or ingredients. We save those for the conversations that might happen from time to time in the kitchen!

The one question to avoid asking is, “Do you offer a calorie count?”  The answer is no. We are more concerned about the quality of our calories than the count. And we make big portions!

If you need a calorie count for your meal, use a phone app like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt! that calculates approximate calories.

Approximate weight and portion size of an average bowl build is as follows:
Protein: ~ 4oz cooked Noodles: ~7oz Rice and Sweet Potatoes: ~1/2 cup

Sauces are going to vary because they are free-poured; you can always request ‘light sauce’ as you order and our cooks will know what you’re goin for!

We use whole food and LOTS of veggies so keep that in mind when you’re calorie counting: SymBowl=good calories.

If this is your first time visiting, no need to worry! Our staff is very good at walking you through the menu and making suggestions for you. If you dine with us just once you'll be a pro, and you can show off to your friends when you bring them in with you next time. Our regulars will tell you!

Sym•Bowl is a healthy restaurant located in Kirkwood, Chesterfield, and St. Charles Missouri that focuses on specialty diets such as gluten free options, anti-inflammatory, vegan, the paleo diet and more. They also offer a healthy catering menu as well as private parties for those who are looking at alternatives to the normal menu. In addition to offering healthy food options, Sym•Bowl also offers whole fruit smoothies and fresh juicing that is made to order.  The customizable menu utilizes healthy recipes, for a fresh, whole food, meal.  If you are looking for a healthy restaurant  for weight loss, healthy eating, or simply looking for a place to bring the family and enjoy a fresh meal together, please come by and visit us today!


Sym·Bowl Kirkwood

11215 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, Missouri 63122

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Sym·Bowl Chesterfield

137 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

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Sym·Bowl St. Charles

1456 Bass Pro Dr. St. Charles, Missouri 63301