Episode 004: Spark! Students in Our Shark Tank

Becky and Greg were introduced to the Parkway School District's Spark! program for young entrepreneurs (( see http://www.parkwayspark.com )) last year when we were asked by one of the students to come in and talk about SymBowl. We have been mentoring on Tuesday mornings up at the Chesterfield Mall, and decided to bring a few of them in to pitch us on their business concepts to allow us to give them feedback. Since this podcast we have actually been collaborating with them even more! From left to right please meet.... Valerie Tsukhai- "The Truth Behind Forensics"-- is her new business. In this recording she pitches "DragonPak." Kaloeb Salter- "B Cubed Media"-- Kaloeb actually ended up being the winner of the pitch competition and paid it forward by helping more students. Hayden Crandall with "Twisted Bowties"--

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