Episode 009: Wes Prentice

Wes Prentice is the head chef of SymBowl Chesterfield, and a beloved member of the SymBowl team. Here he shares his story, a heartwarming tale of how he needed a kidney transplant. And who was his perfectly-matched donor? None other than his lovely wife! (Everyone together now: Awwwwwww!!) Wes came to SymBowl with some divine timing. Just as he was getting back to working, and SymBowl was stretching thin to find a fit for our Chesterfield store, he knew two things: he wouldn't want to be back in a corporate kitchen working 60 hours a week, and he needed to get back to the basics: the fresh food recipes that got him into cooking in the first place. He talks about falling in love and getting married. (Wait til you hear how he proposed!) Then how he came to appreciate so many little things in this life after coming so close to losing it. He poses the question of how we think more about our food choices after an illness seems to come out of nowhere and uproot our life, without any warning or family history. The process of receiving or giving an organ is an enormous undertaking that most of us will not be able to comprehend in our lifetime. In this interview Becky and Greg hear a humbling and insightful perspective on life , food, and work from a veteran-of-the-restaurant-industry -employee who really is both one of SymBowl's biggest fans and a total rockstar.

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