Becky Schoenig, Owner

Becky Schoenig has been a life coach and spiritual intuitive for over 20 years. Combined with two decades in sales management and training, Becky is a true connector. Becky wanted to create a restaurant as a way of bringing together friends, family, community and business. She has studied with naturopaths, functional medicine doctors and educators in self-realization. Her gifts show up in her honesty, zest for life and through teaching others how to create businesses based on their passion and purpose.


Gregory Owens, Owner & Executive Chef

Gregory Owens began his career cooking to pay for schooling and never looked back. His experience ranges from personal chef work for a homeopathic chiropractor, high-volume restaurant kitchens, elite private clubs and culinary educator. His signature approach to food is most visible in SymBowl's appraoch to simple, honest flavors and non-imposing presentation.