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20 Pounds of Vegetables · Three Days · 3 Gallons of Juice · Vegan by Request

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Our 3 Day Juice Cleanse is a little different than the other guys’…

We’ve collaborated with local physicians and health coaches to design a fresh juice program that will deliver major detox benefits and won’t leave you starving.

Comprised of our 16 oz Morning Juice, Noon Juice, Moon Juice, a collagen rich chicken Bone Broth or vegan Green Ginger Broth and our Chop Chop salad, which provides the necessary fiber required to actually ‘eliminate’ everything you’re detoxing…No harsh, -ahem- ‘flushes’- required, unlike with other liquid cleanse programs!

We’ve focused on including healthy fats to provide a sense of fullness and enrich your brain. There are no fruits or preservatives in our juices or broths, just the freshest local ingredients with heavy duty detoxing power! Order today by stopping by or calling the location you'd like to pick up from:

SymBowl Kirkwood: 314-315-4421 SymBowl Chesterfield: 636-778-0638

Please note: 24hrs advance notice is required, & we are closed on Sundays. Priced at $120

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STL-based Coconut Kitchen curates organic coconut butters so you can enjoy the healing benefits of this wonderful whole food. We use the Lemon Zest in our Morning Juice and the Dark Chocolate in the Moon Juice.


Locally grown in downtown St. Louis, Charlie's Sprouts harvests various types of sprouts at the magical moment of highest vitamin and enzyme density. We use their Energy Blend (pea, sunflower and wheatgrass sprouts) in our Noon Juice.