Choosing the sauce will define the flavor of your SymBowl, and so it’s often the place most people get hung up on at first. Let’s break things down for you to make it a little easier. If you ask anyone in the shop, they will usually lead you to what they prefer the most, or if you’re with a friend they will usually direct you to their favorite. I encourage you to explore all the different flavors, but most pick a favorite they make into their very own custom go-to when they order here.


Green Curry

If you see me eating a bowl, 90% of the time this is my sauce of choice. It is spicy, and depending on the batch of peppers that come in, it can be more spicy than the last time you tried it.  This sauce is vegan; we don’t use fish sauce, although most Indian curries will include it. Oftentimes that is actually the ingredient people don’t like in Indian curries, so they think they don’t like ANY curry.  ‘Curry’ just means ‘blend of spices’, so if you assume all curries are like traditional Indian curry, you won’t know what you’re missing out on! And we make the curry paste in-house… So don’t be afraid to try one of our curries!


Lemon Mango Curry

This is a mild curry, not spicy at all, and not sweet either like you might assume. It’s a very mild sauce and it goes really well with the shrimp or chicken.  Mix it with the Pesto for a little more zip and flavor.


Garlic Chili…. Many will say this is their favorite, so don’t listen to me when I say it’s my least favorite of the sauces.  It’s a bit like a sweet and sour with a lot of garlic. It’s more sweet than spicy, with the garlic and cayenne pepper giving it a bit of spice.  This sauce combined with our Green Curry is a very popular combination.



NUT ALLERGY WARNING!!!: This sauce does contain cashews, however, it does not have cheese like most pestos do. This sauce is more on the thicker side, and mixes really well with many of the sauces such as Bone Broth, Spicy Miso and the Lemon Mango.  It is very strong in garlic so if you’re on a first date this might be the sauce to avoid.



The description here is short, sweet, and simple, like the ingredients list: lemon juice, Bragg’s aminos, and agave. Comparable to a teriyaki, it’s the go-to sauce for most of the kids.


Spicy Miso ….. More people should try this sauce alone, however many want to pair it with the Yaki (our most popular sauce)  One of my favorite combinations is the Spicy Beef with Miso and the Udon noodles. It will take any bad day and turn it into a good one! A true comfort food at it’s best. This sauce is a bit on the saltier side, however we do not add any salt to it. The flavor comes from the natural fermentation of the miso paste.


Bone Broth

A true down-to-earth favorite. In fact, we sell this sauce on it’s own in containers for people to take home with them. There are so many health benefits to drinking bone broth, and that’s why we also sell it by the mug! If you’re feeling a little illness coming on, if you’re looking for a great basic-but-savory sauce for your kids, or if you’re in the mood for a bowl that feels more like a soup, pick the Bone Broth.  It is slow cooked for 24 hrs with Buttonwood farms chicken bone and very simple spices, such as the cumin and turmeric.


Seasonal Sauces

Come fall you will see our Pumpkin Curry (pictured) show up, in winter we tend to bring back a Berry BBQ and the new favorite this spring is Ginger Chamomile: a true AIP sauce that everyone seems to love!!!


Which ones are gluten-free? Easy, ALL of our sauces are gluten-free!

What is low in sodium? We may add very little sea salt to any of our sauces, and not all taste buds are used to that. If you are trying to avoid sodium, skip the Miso and the Yaki, just because those are naturally salty to begin with. Choose Bone Broth, or our Seasonal Sauce for less sodium content.

What sauces are vegan? All of the sauces are vegan except for the Bone Broth.

Allergic to soy? Avoid the Yaki and Miso which contain soy.

Best sauce for kids? The Yaki or the Bone Broth unless your kid is adventurous, in which case let them try them all!

Do we do sauce on the side? NO. This is often asked when someone is worried they won’t like it, or they think ‘sauce’ means a lot of calories.  No matter what you are looking for, our staff can help direct you. Just tell them what it is you’re looking for. We can always go light on the sauce, too, just let us know! My favorite is extra saucy, so I can drink my bowl in the end. ;P

Keep in mind all of our sauces are made in small batches from exact recipes. If you’re worried about anything at all, just ask a staff member to show you the recipe list menu. And our highlighted dietary menus can guide you to the sauces that are right for you when you are on a specific plan, such as Paleo, The Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) or Whole 30.