SyMbowl Success Meals


Meal Prep For Success!

Designed for Shape ReClaimed and Paleo lifestyles with whole food ingredients and premium proteins.

No added oils, sugars, dairy, soy, preservatives, additives, grains, or gluten.

PLUS We’ve partnered with Connections to Success to bring St Louis families healthy meals while they rebuild from difficult situations. For many families, poor quality food becomes the only option, making poor health yet another struggle. For every meal you donate, SymBowl will match it, every week.

Thank you for supporting local!


1. You must write in your preferred pickup location (Chesterfield or Kirkwood) in the Notes to Merchant section at checkout.

2. For special bulk order pricing, you must use the appropriate promo code at checkout:
Use code 5FOR55 to get 5 meals for $55 or use code 10FOR100 to get 10 meals for $100

3. Ordering for this Wednesday's pickup will shut off automatically every Monday at noon. After 12pm on Mondays, you can order for the next week, and/or the following week's Wednesday pickup.




Are meals frozen?

Meals are made fresh on Monday's and Tuesday's. You are able to freeze them if you wish or you have them fresh in your fridge for up to 7 days after pickup. If they are not eaten, just pop them in the freezer and take them out to eat anytime!

Can I pay for my meals when I pick up? 

We ask that you order online and pay online. This keeps everything clean and easy with the number of orders we're taking in, it will make sure that you get your meals the week that you want them!

When do I need to place my order to make sure I have pickup that week?

Orders need to be placed by midnight on Sunday (Monday morning) for a pickup that Wednesday.

Can we pick up any day other then Wednesday?

Yes! Pickup anytime after 12pm on Wednesday is fine, however, keep in mind if they are not picked up by the following Wednesday we will need to donate them. We unfortunately don't have freezer space to freeze your meals for you!

Will we ever make meals on other days?

 Because we currently run the restaurant out of the same kitchen we make these meals, we will for now only be making them on these days.

Do you offer vegan options?

Please send us a message requesting them, we don't get many offers for this but will probably offer a handful of them at some point!

Can I customize my orders? 

Currently we are only offering these meals created the way that they are described. In the future this might be a concierge service option that we would offer for a added fee.  

Do you offer any AIP options?

Currently our focus is on Paleo and Shape Reclaimed, this might expand over time but all of the ingredients are listed for each item and you can see what might work for you.

Do you offer any of these meals in your restaurants as a 'grab and go'?

We will occasionally have extra meals, however we will never know what those will be, and they are priced at $12 per meal. Check your local SymBowl, or call ahead to see if there is availability!

What makes your meals different then any other meal prep out there?

How we source our proteins is a huge point of difference! We use locally sourced meats from Buttonwood Farm (chicken and turkey), and Overlook Farms (pork and most of our beef). All of these farmers use free-range/pastured and organic practices, but will not be certified. Our meals are made to be picked up fresh, not frozen, which is basically unheard of in meal prep offerings.